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Joanna Montgomery-Byles
Associate Professor

Undergraduate studies at the University of London and University of Syracuse, USA (B.A. 1967), graduate studies at the Syracuse University, USA. (M.A. 1969 and Ph.D. 1978). She has taught at the University of Syracuse and at the State University of New York 1982-1991. She has worked as Visiting Faculty at the Universities: Minnesota 1985, Delaware 1986 in the USA, and in Europe at the Universities: Florence (S.U.) 1992, Cologne 1986 and Cambridge 1987 (Summer Schools).

Her research interests include: Shakespeare, the Renaissance in England , Renaissance Poetics, the International Literature of Peace and War, 20th Century International Women Writers and Poets, Twentieth Century Poetics, History, New Historicism and Psychoanalysis. She is also a practising and published poet.

Graduate seminars: Shakespeare for Mature Students, (continuing education); Twentieth Century Women Writers; Shakespeare and Psychoanalysis; Virginia Woolf and her World; Psychoanalysis and Twentieth Century War Literature. World Drama; Shakespeare's History Plays; Shakespeare's Roman Plays; Shakespeare's Comedies; Shakespeare's Tragedies; Shakespeare and Freud; Women in Shakespeare's Plays; Shakespeare and Psychoanalysis; Shakespeare's Non-Dramatic Verse; The Age of Elizabeth 1st ; Historical London and its Literature 1564-1945; l9th and 20th Century British Novel; Introduction to Drama; Introduction to Poetry; Introduction to Fiction; What is Poetry For?; Survey of English Poetry: Chaucer to Eliot; 20th Century War Poetry; The Newly Evolving Cultural Heroine: Studies in 20th Century Women Writers; 20th Century British Women Poets; Freud and Literature; Creative Writing, (Poetry); The Literature of Peace and War; History of Literary Criticism; various Survey Courses in World Drama and Poetry, Freshman Composition; Advanced Expository Writing


Books and Chapters in Books

Book - 2nd Edition of War, Women and Poetry: 1914-1945. British and German Women Writers and Activists . New Jersey USA and London: Associated University Presses, 1997

Book - War, Women and Poetry: l9l4-l945, British and German Women Writers and Activists. New Jersey USA and London: University of Delaware Press, Associated University Presses. 1995

Book - Transition (Poetry) 1986, Ed. Robert Comenole, Transition Writers' Workshop, Cortland New York , USA .

Book Chapter - “Twentieth Century Anti-War Productions of Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida" in Millennial Shakespeare : Text/Scholarship/Performance . Ed. C. Coppenge New York: Greenwood Press, New York. 2005/6

Book Chapter - "Tragic Alternatives: Eros and Superego Revenge in Hamlet." New Essays on Hamlet . Eds. John Manning and Mark Burnett. London and New York: International Universities Press, 117-134. 1995

Book Chapter - " Image Events in Macbeth." Shakespeare Worldwide , Tokyo: University of Tokyo Press, Japan, 1994. 54-64

Publications in Journals and On-Line Journals

2005 Article , “Hamlet's Tragic Alternatives,” PsyArt, (On-Line Journal for the Psychological Study of the Arts), University of Florida , Gainseville , USA .

2004 Article , “Projective Identification and the Making of Enemies.” PsyArt, (On-Line Journal for the Psychological Study of the Arts), University of Florida , Gainesville , USA .

2003 Article "Psychoanalysis and War: The Superego and Projective Identification." Journal for the Psychoanalysis of Culture and Society, Vol. 8, Number 2. 208-220

2002 Article : “Archeology and Psychoanalysis,” Maison de l'Orient, Mediterranee: Ruptures et Continuities, Universite de Chypre et Maison De L'Orient Mediteraneen, Universite Lumiere- Lyon 2, France 59-63.

2000 Article " The Cyprus Wars: Psychoanalysis and Race in Shakespeare's Othello." Eds. Y. Iannou, G. Metral et M. Yon Travaux De La Maison De L'Orient Mediterranee, Lyon: France , 26 (2000): 139-147.

l995 Article "Shakespeare and the Cyprus Setting in Othello" Travaux de la Maison de l'Orient Mediterranee , Eds. F. Metral, M. Yon et Y. Iannou. Lyon: University of Lyon, Lyon, France, 155-160.

1991 Article - "Political Theater: Hamlet in Romania." Shakespeare Bulletin U.S.A: 9 No.2 1991 25-28.

l989 Article - "The Problem of Subjectivity in the Language of Ophelia, Desdemona and Cordelia." American Imago : 46 1989 37-59.

1988 Article - "Origins and Ends of Existence: The Poetry of Dylan Thomas." Syracuse Scholar : 9 1988 85-90

l986 Article - "Women's Experience of World War One: Suffragists, Pacifists and Poets." International Women's Studies Forum 8 1986 473-487.

1982 Article - " Macbeth : Imagery of Destruction." American Imago 39 1982: 149-164.

1979 Abstract and Review of my Doctoral Dissertation, Shakespeare Newsletter, University of Chicago , Spring 1979 16-17.

1979 Article- " A Basic Pattern of Psychological Conflict in Shakespearean Tragic Drama." University of Hartford Studies in Literature 4 1979: 58-71.

1979 Article - "Narcissism and Idealism in Troilus and Cressida, Othello and The Winter's Tale." Special Shakespeare Issue American Imago 36 l979 80-93.

Published Essays

2004 Essay-Review of Workshop on Holocaust Literature, On-Line Library of Social Science, New York.

2003 Essay Review Evelyn Waugh at Oxford, Waugh Newsletter, December 2003 48-52.

2003 Essay Review for Archiv Verlag, Bonn , Germany , An Anthology of Women's Writing of World War One , ed. by Angela K. Smith, Manchester University Press , U.K. 78-84

2002 Essay Review for Archiv Verlag, Bonn , Germany : (1) War Plays by Women, An International Anthology , ed. by Claire M. Tylee with Elaine Turner and Agnes Cardinal, London : Routledge, 1999. 63-68.

2002 Critical Essay : “Ophelia's Madness ,” in The Complete Bedford Introduction to Literature: Reading , Thinking, Writing , 5 th Edition, ed. Michael Meyer, St. Martin 's Press, Boston . USA . 1017-19.

1997 Critical Essay "Ophelia's Desperation," The Compact Bedford Introduction to Literature , 4th Edn., Ed. Michael Meyer. Boston: St. Martin's Press, 1061-63. 1997

1997 Essay Review "War Poetry," Archiv, Ed. Dieter Mehl. Bonn: University of Bonn, Germany, 408-410

1995 Essay Review " The Journey Towards Ariel - Sylvia Plath's Poems of l956- 59 - Archiv , Ed. Dieter Mehl. Bonn: University of Bonn, Germany. 341-43

1994 Critical Essay - "The Problem of the Self and Other in the Language of Ophelia." The Complete Bedford Introduction to Literature, 3rd Edition Ed. Michael Meyer. Boston: Bedford Books of St.Martin's Press,1994 . 1018-1023

1992 Essay Review - Sybil Oldfield, Women Against the Iron Fist, Phoebe: Ed . C. Mendez. SUNY Oneonta, 85-91.

Conference Publications in Book Format:

2002 Conference Procedings, (Refereed), «The House of Psyche:

Psychoanalysis and Archeology ," Ed. Frederico Periera . 18th International Conference Literature and Psychoanalysis. Lisboa, Portugal: Analise Psychologica. 279-283

1999 Conference Proceedings, (Refereed), "Changing cultural perceptions of war: Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida." Ed. Frederico Pereira. 16th International Conference Literature and Psychoanalysis, Lisboa, Portugal: Analise Psicologia, 293-301.

1993 Conference Proceedings , (Refereed),"Desire and Mythic Surmise in the Writings of Sigmund Freud." Analise Psicologica, Ed. Frederico Pereira. Lisboa: Portugal, 8th International Conference Literature and Psychoanalysis 25-33.

1992 Conference Proceedings (Refereed) 1992 "Dramatic Patterns in Superego Revenge in Hamlet." Analise Psicologica, Ed.Frederico Pereira . Lisboa: Portugal, 7th International Conference Literature and Psychoanalysis. 73-86.

Published Poetry

Over 60 poems published in various journals in Cyprus, U.K. U.S.A. Canada, Russia, Israel, Germany and France.

2000 Notes on the Poem, "The Creation of Cyprus" in Records of the Ottoman Conquest of Cyprus, Ed. Philip Christian, Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, Nicosia, 79-80.

2002 /3 Poems translated into Greek by M. Pieris, Ilantron, Nicosia . Vol s 2 and 4

Forthcoming publications

2005 Article : “Shakespeare and Venetian - Ottoman Cyprus , ” Cyprus Research Centre, Annual Review, XXX1, 2005

2005 Article “La Psychologie de la Guerre,” Evolution Psychiatrique, Universite de Sorbonne, Paris V11, France .

2006 Book : Shakespeare's Theatres of War , University of Delaware Press , USA .

2005 -06 Book: The Culture of War: Literature, Psychoanalysis and International Terroriism. (Karnac Press, London )

Prospective Co-authored Books

2005 -06 Co-author with Dr. A. West, Shakespeare et Le Histoire de Livre 1623-2000 Vol. 1V . Oxford University Press , U.K.

 Literature and War Neurosis with Dr. Bernard Barnett, Institute of Psychoanalysis , London .


2005 June, 22 nd International Conference of Literature and Psychology, University of Cordova, Spain, paper: «Shakespeare, Subversion and Early Modern Trauma»

2005 March, Annual Conference, Shakespeare Association of America, Bermuda, paper: «Historicizing Trauma.»

2004 September, ASTENE annual conference, Nicosia, Cypus, paper, «Early Modern Perceptions of the Ottomans in Europe.»

2004 August 26 th International Shakespeare Conference, Birmingham University, Shakespere Institute, Stratford-on-Avon, seminar paper: «Presentism».

2004 March Annual conference, Assoc. for Psychoanlysis, Culture and Society, George Washington Universitty, Washington, DC, USA, paper, «Group Psychology and the making of Enemies.»

2003 April - Biennial Conference: Anthony Powell Society , Balliol College, Oxford.

2003 May - International Conference: University of Cyprus, Languages of Gender. Co-Organizer of this conference.

2003 September - Conference: Evelyn Waugh Centenary. Hartford College , Oxford University., "Wastelands in Evelyn Waugh's Writings."

2003 October - Conference, University of Cyprus : Intercultural Aspects of Turkic Literatures., "Venetian-Ottoman Cyprus and Shakespeare's Turban'd Turk."

2002 March - Folger Shakespeare Institute, Washington, DC. Conference: "The Ottoman Impact on the Early Modern World."

2002 June - Lecture: "Freud and Archeology", Oxford University Society, Nicosia .

2002 June - 19th International Conference Literature and Psychology , "The Poetic Response to War " University of Sienna , Italy .

2002 July - Colloquium "Intersections of Narrative, Terror and Psychoanalysis" Cambridge University , England .

2002 August - 30th International Shakespeare Conference , University of Birmingham , Stratford-on-Avon, Shakespeare and the English Reformation.

2002 October - Annual Meeting: Assoc for the Psychoanalysis of Culture, University of Pennsylvania , Philadelphia .

2001 March - Symposium on Globalization, Cyprus University , Opening address: "Definitions of 'Globalization."

2001 April - World Shakespeare Congress, Valencia, Spain, Seminar Paper, "Shakespeare and the Mediterranean-Cyprus Dimension."

2001 May - 18th International Conference on Literature and Psychology, Paper: "Freud , Memory and Metaphor" University of Cyprus, Nicosia. This 4 day conference is held each year in various European Universities. I was the local convener .

2001September - International OPUS Conference - (Organisation for Promotion of Understanding in Society), University of East London; "Psychoanalysis and War."

2001 November - 8th Annual Conference The Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture and Society, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New York: Invited paper: "Psychoanalysis and War: Projective Identification."

2000 April - Shakespeare Association of America, Annual Conference, McGill University, Montreal. Invited paper: "On- and Off-Stage Violence in Macbeth."

2000 July - Twenty-Ninth International Biennial Shakespeare Congress, Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham , at Stratford-on-Avon ,. Respondent in Seminar: "Reformation Shakespeare."

2000 August - European Society for the Study of English, (ESSE), University of Helsinki , Finland . Convener and Seminar Leader: Shakespeare and War.

1999 April - Shakespeare Assoc. of America, Annual Conference University of California, Los Angeles , invited paper, "From Kemble to Irving - Shakespeare's Tercentenary, 1864."

1999 July - International Conference on Literature and Psychology, Centro Internazioanal di Semiotica, Urbino , Italy , invited paper, "War Neuroses and Literature."

1999 September - The Baker Peace Institute, Juniata College , Pennsylvania , USA , paper, "The First International Women's Peace Conference at The Hague , May 1915."Invited paper.

1999 October - Cyprus University, Cyprus Assoc. of the European Society for Study of English, (ESSE), Symposium " Cyprus in Language and Literature." paper, "Contextualizing The Cyprus Setting of Shakespeare's Othello : Orientalism, Militarism and Racism."(I was the Convener this Symposium)

1998 March - Folger Shakespeare Institute, Washington , D.C. , Weekend Workshop: "Mapping the Early Modern World."

1998 March - Shakespeare Assoc. of America, Annual Conference, University of Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio, invited paper, "Historical Stage Representations of Measure for Measure."

1998 August - 28th International Shakespeare Conference, Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham at Stratford-upon-Avon , Seminar: "Shakespeare Texts and the Idea of the Author."

1997 September - International Theatre Conference, Millennium Responses: (Dis)Placing Classical Greek Theatre, Aristotle University , Thessaloniki , "Theatres of War: Shakespeare's Henry V - Changing Cultural-Historical Perception of War."

1997 October - Maison de L'Orient Mediterranee, Universite Lumiere 2 - Centre de la Recherche Scientifique, Lyon, France, paper, "The Cyprus Wars": Psychoanalysis and Race in Shakespeare's Othello .

1996 February - British Council, Nicosia , Cyprus , Lecture: "The Poetic Response To The Two World Wars."

1996 February - International Professional Women's Assoc. Nicosia , Cyprus : "Women Writers - Some Historical Perspectives."

1996 March - Goethe Institute, Nicosia, Cyprus, "German Women's Experience of two World Wars."

1996 March - For the British Council, Nicosia , twenty five minute television interview on Shakespeare, CY BC Rick 2. Anthropon Ergo

1996 March - Cyprus Archeological Research Institute, (CAARI ), Illustrated lecture: "Freud, Literature and Mythic Surmise."

1996 April - 6th Shakespeare World Congress, University of California , Los Angeles , Paper: "Psychoanalytic Approaches to Shakespeare." Invited paper.

1996 May - British Council, Nicosia, Debate: "Shakespeare's Identity."

1996 August - Twenty-Seventh International Biennial Shakespeare Conference, The Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham , at Stratford-upon-Avon, Invited Paper: "Some aspects of the language of violence in Macbeth."

1996 October - "The Poetic Response to World War One and Two," English Speaking Union, London Centre.

1996 November - "Does Shakespeare Matter, If so, How?" The Falcon School , Nicosia .

1996 December - Recusant, International Forum on Psychoanalysis and Race. Modern Language Association, Annual Congress, Washington , DC .

January - September 1997 on sabbatical leave:

February -April Visiting Resident Scholar, Folger Shakespeare Institute, Washington , DC .

March - Seminar: "20th Century Literature of Peace and War " Columbia University, New York, Institute on Western Europe.

March - Lecture: "The Poetry of the Two World Wars," Colgate University , Hamilton , New York .

March - " Women's Experience of World War Two: Britain and Germany," Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.

March - Seminar "The Islamic Other in English Renaissance Drama," Annual Conference of Shakespeare Assoc. of America. Washington , DC . Invited paper.

June - War and Peace in the Arts: Session paper "The Poetics of War Poetry," 9th Annual Conference in Peace Studies, Georgetown University, Washington, DC. (Concurrent Conferences of PSA and COPRED)

July - 14th International Conference on Literature and Psychology, Chaired Session on Psychoanalysis and Shakespeare, paper: "Ethnicity and Racial Identity in Shakespearean Drama, "University of Madrid , Las Navas Del Marques, Spain .


March - University of Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden, Two seminar papers: " The Genre of War Poetry, 1914-1945," "Conflicting Moralities: Women Pacifists and Suffragists 1914-1918." By invitation.

June - l0th International Conference, Literature and Psychology, University of Freiburg , Germany . Chaired session on Shakespeare and Psychoanalysis, paper: "Shakespeare and War: the dynamics of the father-son relationship in 2 Henry V and Henry V"


April - Shakespeare Association of America, Annual Conference, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, USA, invited paper "Shakespeare and War: The Henriad".

August - 26th Biennial International Shakespeare Conference, Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham, seminar paper, "Political Shakespeare and Eastern Europe."

October - University of Cyprus, and the University of Lyons, France, Colloquium, Paper, "Othello in Cyprus - Historical-Fictional perspectives"


July - 9th International Conference on Literature and Psychology, Lisbon , Portugal . Paper: "Political Shakespeare and Eastern Europe"

August - 25th Biennial International Shakespeare Conference, University of Birmingham , Stratford-upon-Avon . Invited Paper: "Political Hamlet and Eastern Europe"1993

April - Tutor for Weekend Shakespeare Workshop, Ruskin College , Oxford University .

July - 10th International Conference on Literature and Psychology, University of Grö ningen, Amsterdam, Holland . Invited paper, "Shame and Guilt in The Winter's Tale"


March - Shakespeare Assoc. of America, Annual Conference, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, invited paper, "Imaging Shakespeare's Language: a Psychological approach to the language for actors."

May - London Centre for Psychotherapy, Hampstead, London, Lecture: "Identity, Subjectivity and Female Language: Ophelia, Desdemona and Cordelia"Invited paper.

June - Shakespeare Workshop by invitation, for The Open University, London .

July - 8th International Conference: Psychology and Literature, University of London , Paper: "Objects of Desire and Mythic Surmise in the Writings of Sigmund Freud." I was the London organizer of this conference.

August - Fifth Shakespeare World Congress, Tokyo, Japan, invited paper: "Towards a Psychodynamic Theory of Tragedy and its Language."


April - The Institute for Psychoanalysis, University of Chicago,

"Freud in London: l938-39: Refugee, Analyst and Writer."

April - Shakespeare Association of America , Annual Conference: Philadelphia : Workshop: "Teaching Shakespeare's Language." Paper: "Speaking the Verse: Working on Shakespeare's Language with Students." Invited paper.

July - 7th International Conference on Psychology and Literature: Centre International de Semiotique et de Linguistique, Urbino , Italy : "Dramatic Patterns in Superego Revenge in Hamlet."

August - 24th Biennial International Shakespeare Conference , University of Birmingham , Invited paper, "Identity, Subjectivity and Female Language."


February - University of Rochester , Department of Psychiatry, Grand Rounds : "Freud's Last Year in Vienna and in London ."

April - Shakespeare Association of America, Annual Conference , University of Texas , Austin : paper: "Patterns of Psychic Revenge in Hamlet."

July - International Conference on Literature and Psychology, Janus Pannonius University , Pecs , Hungary , invited paper: "Towards a Psychodynamic Theory of Shakespearean Tragedy."

September - Institute for Psychoanalysis, Philadelphia : "Freud in London : l938-39: Refugee, Analyst and Writer."

September - University of Delaware , Newark , Delaware , two day visit: "Women and War, an International Perspective: l9l4-l945." and "Freud's Own Identity: Moses and Monotheism"

Poetry reading of my work

November - Wednesday Morning Literary Club of Rome , New York : Illustrated Lecture: "Shakespeare's Women"

November - Folger Shakespeare Institute , weekend workshop: "Teaching Shakespeare's Language in the classroom setting."


April - University of Minnesota and Scholastica College , five day visit: papers: "Women and War: An International Perspective: l9l4-l984."and "Women's Poetry and Two World Wars." Poetry Reading (my poetry) from manuscript. Also conducted two seminars.

April - S.U.N.Y. Health Science Center , Syracuse , Department of Psychiatry Grand Rounds , paper: "Freud in London , l938-39: Refugee, Ailing Doctor and Writer." paper : "Narcissistic Dependence in the Novels of Five 20th Century British Women Writers."

August - 23rd Biennial International Shakespeare Conference, University of Birmingham Stratford-upon-Avon , England : "The Language of the Self in Shakespeare's Tragedies." Invited paper.

November - State University of New York , Buffalo : "Freud in London , l938-39: Refugee and Writer."


February - Women's Studies Seminar, Syracuse University , "Women's Experience in Britain and Germany , pre-war and post-war: l933-l950."

April - NE.M.L.A. Boston : "SocioDialogics and the Political Imagination of Men and Women Poets of World War One." Invited paper.

April - Shakespeare Assoc. of America, Annual Conference, Seattle , Washington : "Hamlet and Melancholia," Invited paper.

May - New York State Women' Studies Assoc.; Tomkins Community College , Conducted Workshop on the History and Philosophy of the Women's Peace Movement.

June - University of Cologne , Germany , two day visit. Englisches Seminar on Shakespeare. Two seminar papers, one on Hamlet and one on King Lear


Spring - NE.M.L.A. Annual Conference, New Brunswick , NJ . Chairperson, Section: "Feminist Criticism of Shakespeare."

April - Third Shakespeare World Congress, West Berlin : Paper: "Image Events in Shakespeare's Macbeth ." By invitation.

June/July - Renaissance Italy, its Art and Literature; Syracuse University , Florence , Italy , several papers as Visiting Professor.

August - University Women's Club, London : "From the Hague Conference to Greenham Common: Women's Experience of War."

August - 22nd Biennial International Shakespeare Conference, Stratford-upon-Avon , England . Seminar paper "Visual stage images in Macbeth." By invitation.


January - Comparative Literature Symposium, Texas Tech. University , Lubbock , Texas : "Suffragists, Pacifists and Poets: Women's Experience of World War One."

Spring - NE.M.L.A. Annual Conference, Hartford , Connecticut : Chairperson, Shakespeare Section.

Spring - S.U.N.Y. Brockport, N.Y. History Symposium , Invited paper: "Women's Experience of two world wars, l9l4-l9l8; l939-45: An International Perspective."

November - Nazareth College , Rochester , N.Y. Third Biennial Shakespeare Conference : The Renaissance Italy of Shakespeare. Invited paper: "Order and Disorder in Shakespeare's History Plays."


Spring - NE.M.L.A. Erie, Pa. USA "A Psychodynamic Theory of Character."

Spring - NE.M.L.A. Annual Conference, Philadelphia : "The Problem of Self and Other for Ophelia and Desdemona."

Spring - Shakespeare Association of America , Annual Conference, Boston : "The Structure of Gender in Twelfth Night."

Fall - Seventh Imagery Conference, New York City : " Macbeth : Imagery of Destruction."


Spring - NE.M.L.A. New York City : "The Poetry of Dylan Thomas."

Fall - Sixth Imagery Conference, Chicago : "Some Theories of Renaissance Tragedy: An Historical Perspective."


Spring - S.U.N.Y. Buffalo , N.Y. Symposium , "Some Definitive Images of Shakespearean Tragedy."

Spring - Shakespeare Association of America, annual conference, Boston : paper: "The Theatrical History of The Winter's Tale."


August - World Shakespeare Congress, Stratford-upon-Avon , England , invited paper: "Narcissism and Idealism in The Winter's Tale. "

Spring - NE.M.L.A. Quebec , Canada : Paper: "The Problem of Subjectivity and Identity in the Language of Shakespeare's Women."

Spring - S.U.N.Y. Brockport, N.Y. Symposium, "The Neurotic Need for Love in Five Twentieth Century British Women's Novels."


Member of Modern Language Association

Member of Shakespeare Association of America

Member of International Shakespeare Association

Member of English Association, U.K.

Member of Institute for Applied Psychoanalysis, New York . N.Y.

Research Associate, Freud Museum , London .

Member of Cyprus Association of the European Society for the Study of English (ESSE) (Founding President 1997-99; re-elected 1999-2001;

Vice President 2001 - 3

Member Association of Literary Scholars and Critics USA

Member (Listed as Poet) Poets and Writers, New York , N.Y.

Member of International PEN (Listed as Writer)

Member Boston Research Center , Boston , USA .

Member of Peace and Justice Studies Association, Georgetown University, Washington DC . USA

Member of International Peace Research Association, (IPRA).

Member of Royal Academy of Arts Society, United Kingdom

Member of British Museum Society, United Kingdom

Member of Universities Women's Club, London

Member International Business and Professional Women's Association, Nicosia

Associate of Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute, Nicosia.